February 26, 2015

Your Angel Diary and Astrology Guidance for March 2015

Hello Angels,

How are you? How have you been? How are you feeling about the rest of your year now that this dreaded Uranus and Pluto square is 'finally' loosening it's hold over your life? I hope you are connecting with a growing excitement that yes, it is OK to start trusting again, to start opening your heart to new love, new opportunity, and to start believing in yourself and all that you want to do. Well done Angels, can you believe how strong you are? You made it.

March is a month full of sparks, good sparks though, so don't panic. Whilst there is still the resounding beat of the Uranus and Pluto square banging away in the background, you're used to these two now, and know full well how to make this powerhouse of destruction and enlightenment work for you, not cripple you. Saturn remains in square with Neptune until the 17th, and with the cloud of confusion or delusion slowly beginning to lift, you can start to trust that growing determination that you are feeling. There will be a few delays, and a few Neptune induced Hanged Man moments, where excitement leads to silence and no action, but you will notice a bit of momentum growing regarding your projects and goals, which has been long overdue. Jupiter in Leo in trine to Uranus in Aries, provides a surge of ambition and insight regarding what you want and what you are capable of, and will encourage you to push forwards and expand on your ideas.

Venus is very busy in the beginning and the end of the month, forming aspects with most of the big guns, which will cause you to reassess your present relationships and financial goals. In easement to Jupiter and conjunct to Uranus, those relationships that are not supporting your vision of the future, may suffer. Venus in square to Pluto, can create volatile and stubborn circumstances, which can put a lot of pressure on relationships when there is a loss of mutual agreement. There is a small window for compromise made available with the Sun in conjunction to Chiron, but with the Sun in sextile to Pluto at the same time, supporting this moment of self need, you will find that you will really dig in your heels about what is important to you and your future.

Mars is also a strong force to contend with this month, and playing tag team with Venus, his aspects to Jupiter, Uranus, Pluto and the Nodes will continue her push for improvement and change within the personal sphere. This is the month where you will become very proactive regards your goals and relationships. Single Angels will be out and about more than usual, and Committed Angels who are struggling or confused will find themselves midst dramatic discussions about their futures. Job seekers will become more aggressive in their hunt for a new position, or promotion, and those who are self-employed will become more competitive in their approach. Frustrations will naturally follow with this sort of energy flow, and those who annoy you, will really, really grate on your nerves. I would recommend a patient approach, but I doubt that advice will be heard.

Venus shifts into Taurus on the 18th of March, which will slow the momentum down quite a bit. Mars will still be in Aries, and will continue to propel you forwards, but Venus in her natural home of Taurus will encourage you to take your time now, consider your options, and to think of the long term satisfaction, not just the short term gratification. Where you feel that you may have jumped the gun in certain situations at the beginning of the month, you will be able to back track and mend the bridges from the 22nd. What can be troublesome however, is where the bridge won't be mended, or where conflict or relationship break down continues, as feelings of misguided regret will soon follow. Where previous changes have come about swiftly, you can second guess yourself, so it is important that you remind yourself about the original reasoning behind your decisions.

On the 6th of March, there will be a Full Moon at 14 degrees Virgo, which will encourage you to focus on the health and balance within your relationships and ambitions. There is one aspect to the Full Moon, and that is a trine to Pluto, which is an empowering easement, and one that will encourage you to right wrongs, and smooth down the rough edges within your intimate sphere. Venus is in full flight this Full Moon, with aspects formed with Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto, and you will find that you are not shy in sharing your opinions in how you feel things should be running. With the light of the Full Moon shining on what you really want, you will find that you are gifted with the insight and energy in how to refine your desires into a doable intention. This Full Moon will also highlight issues regarding health, and you will find yourself inspired to improve your physical appearance and your overall well-being.

On the 20th March, at 29 degrees Pisces, there will be a New Moon eclipse. Now, this eclipse precedes, and will no doubt inspire the second round of Venus aspects that I mentioned above, where there may be some regret felt for changes that were made earlier in the month. There are no aspects to this New Moon, and with an abundance of Water element, and Mutable mode, is it any wonder that the reflective and contemplative qualities of the New Moon can inspire negative thought and a desire to cling to the past.  There is literally no Air element in this eclipse chart, so for those of you who have a lot of Air in your charts, this could be a tough cycle for you. Pamper yourself, and work with the Water element as best as you can. Have long soaks in the bath, sit outside near a water feature where possible, or watch some romantic comedies as a means to opening yourself to the emotional intensity of this cycle. It is important that your internal energy is expressed and not pent up, as it will only increase feelings of disappointment and regret.

Goddess Persephone is a strong influence this month, with asteroid Persephone being in aspect during both lunar cycles. Persephone's tale is one of tragedy and loss, of abuse and empowerment, and she brings renewed hope to the moment. Goddess Persephone will highlight negative attractions that are present within your life, and show you where you may be repeating past patterns to your own detriment. This can involve love and life, the parental wound, the harsh memories of difficult marriages, divorces and abusive relationships, and even your relationship with food, due to Persephone being associated with Virgo, and her mother Ceres being the Goddess of grain. As the Goddess of the Underworld, Persephone will bring feelings of despair and disappointment to the forefront, in order for you to face your emotional turmoil so that you can grieve. It is important to grieve your pain, because once you face the reality of loss, healing can begin, and you can start living fully again in the present. Goddess Persephone brings inner wisdom and strength to situations that are confusing due to their emotional intensity. She will help you to understand any relationship issues, and help you to recognise self-destructive modes of behaviour.

Overall Angels, this month will find you invigorated and energised regards creating a future that is in alignment with your desires. You will make a few bold moves at the beginning of the month, but because the ability to trust is so tentative right now, you could find yourself second guessing your decisions come months end. With the Virgo Full Moon and the Pisces New Moon eclipse both raising emotional issues, you will find yourself face to face with habits and damaging patterns that can be quite confronting. Know that your guardian angel is always with you, and that the touch of Goddess Persephone will gift you with the energy and inner wisdom to heal yourself, and to free yourself from what is damaging.

Until next month Angels, be safe, be well, and nurture yourself as you would a much loved friend xo


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February 20, 2015

Careless Whispers - Your Astrology Overview for the week of February 23rd 2015

Hello, I’m Astrologer Patrick Arundell, and here is your Astrology Overview for WC 23rd February, 2015. 

All week the Sun combines with Neptune in Pisces, which can heighten our intuition, and if you are particularly interested in psychic potentials, or any kind of healing or esoteric subject, help these too. If you are a carer, or work in a service industry, this week can see you compassionate or obliging. Yet equally don't let anyone take advantage of your good nature. 

All week Mars also forges a positive link to Saturn. This aspect can help us to be structured in our approach yet energised as well without spreading ourselves too thinly. With Uranus continuing to forge a fantastic link to Jupiter creativity which is also innovative can also be to the fore. In love Venus is forging a stabilising influence with Saturn. If you're fortunate enough to be in a positive relationship which is going forwards, this aspect can give you the sense that things are doing so on firm foundations.

From Thursday through to Sunday Mercury also forges a great link with Uranus too whilst being in an opposition with Jupiter. This is going to be one of those situations where the more confident and optimistic you are the better it can be, yet it is going to be important too to stay grounded and ensure any ideas that are generated are truly workable. Wednesday sees a quarter moon in the sign of Gemini, suggesting that some gossip can be doing the rounds, stay clear of anyone who you know is not trustworthy or has your best interests at heart.

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February 13, 2015

Mean what you say and say what you mean - Astrology Overview for WC 16th February, 2015

Hello, I’m Astrologer Patrick Arundell, and here is your Astrology Overview for WC 16th February, 2015. 

All week Mercury continues to forge a fantastic angle to Saturn. This influence, running on from last week, is perfect for structuring of our thinking in a really meaningful and exacting way. Precision can be linked to gaining knowledge, research, and communications with person kind. We need to mean what we say, and say what we mean under this influence.

From Monday to Wednesday the Sun continues in the sign of Aquarius and there is also the second new Moon of the month in this sign on Wednesday, the rare Black Moon which provides encouragement to any group cooperative or collaborative activities that we engage ourselves in.

All week Venus and Mars are in tandem but across two different the Zodiac signs. Initially they continue their journey through Pisces but then switch into Aries on Friday and Saturday, with Mars ingress in the first and Venus second. The combination of these two, is obviously an opportunity to improve social and romantic prospects but equally to balance the masculine and feminine principles within whatever way trying to do in other words fine-tune our output.

Thursday sees the Sun power into Pisces, for the first time in eleven months. This is the last of the twelve zodiac signs and represents the accumulation of the Sun's journey through the previous eleven signs. Pisces has a reputation for being meditative, gentle, creative, artistic, changeable, and sometimes indecisive. But there are many captains of industry that are Pisces people, not least because of the inherent flexibility of this sign, and the ability to surf office politics skilfully.

However, as much as Saturn is forging a really constructive link to Mercury, it forges a more challenging one to the Sun, right through to the end of the week and beyond the right angle created can be a block to progress, a limitation and create a degree of frustration and obstacles. This is not a good time to overburden ourselves with objectives and goals and ambitions that are going to be hard to see through. Be realistic in assessing your talents and where they can be applied. It's going to be important to walk the straight and narrow when it comes to any legalistic issues, or the rules of the country or state that you live in. There can be a tendency with this combination to exaggerate issues or to amplify their true meaning due to vague fears or suspicions.

However, as Mars arrives in the sign it governs on Friday, it's going to be much more comfortable in its transit through Aries, in the following six weeks. Your energy or motivation have been affected in the past six weeks it really wouldn't be a surprise. Now he is going to help to fire us all up in a new cycle, which will be reinforced at the time the spring Equinox on 21st of March. But this can be an interesting end to the week, one which can prove fast moving and fascinating too.

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