January 26, 2015

February 2015 Angel Diary

Hello Angels!
Well, those last two lunar cycles certainly lived up to their expectations didn’t they, and with Mercury retrograde, the Uranus and Pluto square continuing, and the new addition of Saturn in square to Neptune – the ride continues just that little bit longer. You’re battered and your patience is wearing thin Angels, but you know, your strength is amazing, and your positivity levels grow stronger each and every day. As you look at the global and local news, and see those tired, drawn out faces – you can see that there is a spark of defiance and a glow of Spirit that has been tough to find this last few years. With new perspectives, come new attitudes, and all of the lessons that have been learned through the trials that have been experienced – they are beginning to find their feet, and you are beginning to reconnect with your own rhythm. Hang in there Angels, you are so close to the end of this intensity, and you have done so well!

Looking into February, and I won’t lie, there are a few hills to climb, with aspects being shared between the Sun, Uranus, Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune. The Sun is traditionally seen as the ‘ego’ centre of the chart, and is your identity, and how you participate in this incarnation. Uranus will inspire and enlighten you early in the month, whilst Jupiter will encourage you to expand on your ideas. You do need to be wary of your motivations with Jupiter however, as you can overstep your sensibilities for the love of popularity and fame. Saturn, in his usual grumpy style, will cause you to feel less than enthusiastic and a little negative for a week or so, near the end of February, and Neptune in conjunction to the Sun, can cause you to feel run down, tired, and a little bit lost for direction. You’re not without assistance though Angels, as Venus forms easements to Pluto, Saturn and Mars throughout the month, which will soften the impact of any endings that you may experience, and help you to remain motivated about changes that need to be made. Venus can also indicate that there will be a positive shift in the realms of your career, finances and love life, so always be open for exciting and new opportunity.

Another aspect of note is Jupiter in trine to Uranus, which is such a strong energy for the cause of change. For those of you who have been feeling stagnant, or who have found that the changes in their lives have been out of their control, February gifts you with the opportunity to be the one in control of your own energy shifts, which is empowering and uplifting. This is the perfect energy to seek out new career possibility, and to free yourself of draining and restrictive relationships that are no longer supporting your authenticity. With Saturn in square to Neptune challenging your beliefs and Uranus in Pluto highlighting the truth about the toxins in your life, this Jupiter and Uranus trine challenges you to take this personal enlightenment one step further, and to follow your insights by implementing practical plans of action.

Seasonally, on the 2nd of February, it will be the time of Imbolc in the Northern Hemisphere, or Lammas in the Southern Hemisphere, which marks the first stirrings of the changing seasonal shift. In the Northern Hemisphere, you will begin to feel a growing excitement and a swell of inspiration, and the desire to dedicate or re-dedicate yourself to certain projects and ideas that you intend to plant and nurture as Spring approaches. In the Southern Hemisphere, you will begin to reap what you have sown over the last few months, and begin to appreciate that planning is needed for the months that lie ahead. Lammas, or Lughnasadh, is about respecting skills, talents, craftsmanship and of being grateful for all that you have achieved, and all that can be harvested.

On the 3rd, or 4th of February, there will be the Leo Full Moon at 14 degrees Leo. With the Moon in trine to Uranus, you will find that your emotional self is guided by insight over instinct, and you will also find that you are filled with visions of the future. With Uranus in opposition to the North Node, and Saturn in square to Neptune, you can feel challenged about your future goals and uncertain about which insightful or intuitive messages you should follow. Venus in conjunction to Neptune encourages you to follow the Moon and her lunar softness, and to be more in touch with your feminine side. Trust in your psychic energy, and allow your creative energy to explore new possibility. With Mercury in trine to Saturn and Saturn keeping Neptune grounded, you can allow your mind to explore possibilities safely, as you will struggle to find a project that is perfect enough to consume you. There is a lot of fire with this lunar cycle, indicating that many of the ideas that you have, will soon lose their sparkle, and that passion may be short lived. Enjoy the creative and romantic glow of Venus and Neptune, but follow Saturn’s lead and only invest your heart and financial energy where you can see that there will be a practical return for your emotional investment.

February also brings us Valentine’s Day, or the infamous day of love. Whilst it is wonderful to have an entire day focused on spoiling your significant other, it can also be a day of hurt and disappointment for those who have recently ended a relationship, or for those who are still waiting for their lover to cross their paths. This year however, sees a Sagittarius Moon on Valentine’s Day, which is also supported by a trine to Jupiter and Uranus, so it won’t be too glum for anyone (hopefully).  For a change, it may actually be those that are already within relationships that will struggle the most this Valentine’s Day, as there is the potential for tension and frustration. For couples, there can be passion on both counts – with there being a steamy and seductive mood, or a conflictive and agitated one, with a possible disagreement having the potential to be blown out of proportion. Be calm, focus on the steamy and seductive, and don’t allow a slight clash of opinions to cast a shadow over your day. Single Angels, there is the opportunity to find a new lover, but honestly, with a Sagittarius Moon, you will be just as satisfied with a great night out with friends, or a great night in doing something that you really enjoy.

On the 18th, or 19th of February, there will be another Aquarius New Moon, but this time at 29 degrees Aquarius. Anything at 29 degrees is considered a critical degree, or an anaretic degree, which is a sensitive point overall. There is a sense of urgency at the 29 degree point, so with the Sun and Moon on this degree, you can struggle with your sense of identity, and find it a challenge to balance your emotions. With Uranus ruling the lunar phase, you could find yourself trying too hard to stand out in the crowd, or trying too hard to fit in. You could find that your approach is too emotionally distant, or that you feel unnaturally clingy and sentimental. It is important then, that you focus on the beauty surrounding the associations of Aquarius and Uranus, which is loving your unique individuality, appreciating and using your talents, and focusing on how your higher qualities can benefit the broader collective.

Archangel Michael was a strong influence throughout the February horoscopes and it is easy to see why. As the protector Archangel, Archangel Michael encourages you to be strong, courageous, and true to yourself at all times. Calling on Archangel Michael daily to protect you from lower negative vibrations, will help you to distance yourself from distracting and draining dramas. You can also call on Archangel Michael to help you cut the cords to relationship energy which is weighing you down, which happens easily, even with those that we love. Archangel Michael is also a guide regards the gifts that you have that you can share with this world, and he will send you signs regarding career possibility and creative inspiration, that will lead you to deeper happiness. Another strong angelic presence throughout the horoscope was Archangel Gabriel, the Archangel associated with positivity and reconnecting with hope. Her appearance in the forecasts is encouragement to call on her frequently when you find that your thoughts are pessimistic and negative, so that she can help you to see the beauty that surrounds you, and help you to feel more positive overall.

I also noticed throughout the monthly horoscopes, that there was a common theme of caring too heavily about what others may think or say about your dreams, desires or actions. Whilst everyone wants to be loved, liked and respected, there is literally no possible way that you can please everyone, and there will be people that simply do not connect with you, no matter how hard you try. Facing negative opinion is never an easy thing, especially if there are unnecessary negative or cruel comments made that hurt you, but it is important that you rise above these feelings at this time, and that you stay true to your desires and your guidance. Your angels are with you at every turn and can help you to heal and regain your confidence at anytime that you need. Trust in yourself. Believe in yourself. Know that you have what it takes to get to where you want to be and follow your guidance as it steers you away from unnecessary distractions. Detoxing was another common theme, so if you have been feeling guided to limit your intake of alcohol, caffeine or sugar, then follow your guidance accordingly.

OK, that’s it for this month Angels, and I hope you embrace the strength and power that the month provides. Whilst there will be a few pockets to work through, overall, your strength is growing and you are more determined than ever to stand tall and true. Working with the angels and crystals will be highly beneficial when dealing with the months challenges, and it will be important that you focus on your rest and relaxation, as this fire and air energy can really cause you to run at a faster pace. Don’t forget to call on Archangel Michael and your guardian angel daily, and I will see you next month.

Much love and angel blessings to you,

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January 23, 2015

Keeping it Real - Your Astrology Overview for January 26th, 2015

Hello, I’m Astrologer Patrick Arundell, and here is your Astrology Overview for WC 26th January, 2015.  

The week begins with Mars separating from is conjunction with Neptune which is run on for the previous 10 days, or so. However, this can create a greater clarity in terms of our goals and energy and less confusion, distortion, discouragement, enervation, and even dishonesty all of which have, potentially been to the fore during this period.

However Neptune does remain influential this week, continuing as it does in a broad square with Saturn. This will be relatively subtle, and broad right angle from Neptune in Pisces will lap away at the shores of Saturn in Sagittarius. With both signs mutable, this can also be a rather discouraging influence – especially where there is any situation in your life where you are unsure of where you stand. The not knowing can be as bad, as far as any anxieties are concerned.

Structures that we have depended upon – Saturn, can be eroded especially where the is an inability to take responsibility. Cyber, political or religious terrorism would be classic indicators of this particular aspect because they are so insidious.

Mercury also continues to rewind this week, in the sign of Aquarius, but it does forge a great link with Uranus, the modern code ruler of this sign. Though Mercury retrograde can of course be tricky in itself this combination points towards innovation, far sighted ideas, and the ability to understand in our own lives where we have become too dependent, and lack a more independent view on our approach the things.

On Tuesday there is a Quarter Moon in Taurus. This reminds the Sun in Aquarius the importance of tangibility around any unusual ideas but does provide a backdrop for the rest of the week.

Wednesday sees Venus glide into Pisces. In this location Venus is exalted, and the combination it forges with Neptune through to the end of the week is truly quite beautiful. This can bring into focus the arts, performance, culture, and rather sensual loving. If you are fortunate enough to have met someone recently and things are really chiming between you, the chances are things will hot up on the back of this aspect. If however the confusion that Mars Neptune brought to bear has led to an uncertainty in your love life, or you meet someone this week who runs more on the mysterious rather than the tangible side, do proceed with caution.

With Mercury and the Sun combining in a conjunction in the second half of the week, the vibes of Aquarius are amplified even more. When these two get-together it can lead to really quite ingenious developments, but equally you can point towards making hasty decisions on limited information, and with Mercury still in retrograde that something we should be mindful of.

Finally, as the week draws to a close the Sun itself forges a brilliant angle to Uranus. Once more me may find ourselves hearing about scientific breakthroughs, novel software applications, and developments of infrastructure that can aid person kind. But they can also be erratic developments, sudden switchbacks, and U turns in people’s approach or attitudes.

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