November 25, 2014

December Angel Diary

Happy Holiday Season Angels!

As we draw closer to the end of another challenging year, I want you to take a moment to think about all that you have been though this last year or two. Take a moment to appreciate that whilst you have struggled, you have grown wiser and stronger through your experiences, and that you have become more compassionate and understanding of life’s difficulties, due to gaining new and unexpected perspectives. Take a moment to acknowledge, that as you look ahead towards the future, that you can gain strength from knowing that all you have learned, and all that you have surmounted, and that all of that toxic and draining energy that you have released – that these experiences will not only help you to continue to grow in strength and understanding, but that you will also help to guide others by living strongly in your own authenticity.

Looking towards December to see what goodies the month will bring to you, and there is the Gemini Full Moon on December 6th, which brings with it a lot of Fire element, blended with Fixed and Mutable modalities. What this means is that you will witness a lot of passionate opinion with this Full Moon, and a lot of energy flow that is both stubborn, yet flexible to its own gain. There will be a determined attitude in all and a lack of desire to take on board the thoughts and feelings of others. It will be important then, to keep an open mind to alternative possibility, whilst also staying true to your own beliefs. One of the more fortuitous aspects joins this Full Moon, which is Venus in trine to Jupiter, and with both of these benefic planets residing in fire signs, you can expect much romance, inspiration and desire. With such little Earth and Water to support this Air ruled Gemini Moon however, it is wise to enjoy this fleeting pocket of joviality and intensity, by not taking anything too seriously. What shines brightly beneath the light of this Full Moon, can quickly lose its gloss once the Venus and Jupiter trine dissipates, so keep this in mind before you invest yourself financially or emotionally.

On December 22nd, there will be the more serious-minded Capricorn New Moon at 0 degrees, which will be in exact square to the Aries point. Now the Aries point is a symbol of newness and what you will bring from the subconscious into the conscious world. As this is also a New Moon, there is double the intensity and drive for newness and success. With the square energy impacting on this desire for new beginnings, you can expect to experience some delays, frustrations and tensions, but keep the faith. With Venus, also in Capricorn, separating from the Uranus and Pluto square, you will find that much of the possible negativity of the New Moon is dulled by her touch. You can expect news regarding your career and finances, and whilst it will be good news, it may not be as expansive or life-changing as you had hoped, or expected. Venus will bring you blessings and abundance, but with the Saturn ruled Moon in an agitated aspect with the point of new beginnings, these blessings could come in the form of new lessons to be gained from old experiences.

Speaking of Saturn, the planet of karma and time, will shift into Sagittarius on December 24th. Where there has been much focus on the reality behind the surface details and lacking authenticity whilst Saturn has been in Scorpio, the net will tighten even further on truth and righteousness. This does not mean that those who like to bend the truth will suddenly become honest, not at all. But it does mean that it will be easier to maintain the faith in what you personally believe in, making you less vulnerable to those who may attempt to manipulate your belief system. That being said though, Saturn in Sagittarius will bring about great lessons in faith, philosophy and spirituality, and it will be easy to be swept away by the words and actions of those who are religiously and spiritually charismatic. Choose where you invest your faith energy wisely, and be wary also of where you invest your finances in order to reach any level of faith-filled nirvana. Saturn in Sagittarius will inspire you to learn and expand on your faith and knowledge, which can be done safely without religious blinders, and with careful forethought of possible end outcomes.

One safe and free way of expanding on religious and spiritual knowledge is by working with the angels. Archangel Raziel appeared many times throughout the December Horoscopes, indicating that the month will bring along situations and circumstances that call for deep understanding, and the healing of past life energy. With a name meaning ‘secrets of God’, Archangel Raziel is one who will guide you through the intricacies of understanding the deeper workings of metaphysical topics, and help you to feel confident as your knowledge base grows. Archangel Raziel can help you to connect with talents and wisdom from your previous lives, whilst also guiding and encouraging you to release the hold that old wound energy can have on you. Archangel Raziel can also send you signs regards possibilities relating to your innate gifts, and help you to decide what path you feel resonates most with your higher life purpose. You can call on Archangel Raziel when you are studying topics such as astrology, or tarot, or any of the esoteric arts that can seem intricate and overwhelming.

Archangel Raziel is also associated with the Third-Eye chakra, which is your psychic energy centre, the place where cosmic guidance meets your life-drawn wisdom. It is through the Crown chakra that you merge as one with the Divine, and it is through the Third-Eye chakra, that the information from this emergence comes to you in order for you to make decisions and take action. It is the information received from the other energy centres throughout the body in the form of fear energy, and the messages relayed by the negative ego that confuse the Third-Eye chakra, and can cause you to doubt in your intuitive messages and instincts. This is why meditation, time spent outdoors and energy healing is important, as it helps to keep all of your chakras, or energy centres clear and balanced, enabling you to trust in your psychic messages and instincts. When you notice that you are doubting your intuition, or dismissing your inner visions, call on Archangel Raziel to help you clear your Third-Eye chakra. You can also carry an amethyst, celestite or angelite crystal with you, or keep a piece of rainbow coloured clothing or fabric nearby.

It’s not only the Third Eye chakra that needs a little love and attention this month, but the Solar Plexus chakra beckons to be in focus. Your Solar Plexus chakra is located in the middle of your abdomen, and is the energy centre that holds a lot of your ‘nervous’ energy. Associated with your ‘gut instincts’, self-confidence and your drive for independence, it is through your relationships with others, that the state of balance within your Solar Plexus chakra is determined. When your Solar Plexus chakra is out of balance, you lose your feelings of personal empowerment, and become too reliant on the feedback of others. By doing this, you are vulnerable to negative and unsupportive opinion, which can then damage your feelings of self-worth and confidence even further. It is important then, that you focus on making your own decisions this month, and that you limit the amount of times that you open yourself up to the advice and opinion of those around you. It is also important that you work on finding forgiveness, not only for others, but also for yourself, and that you limit the amount of negative inner dialogue and derogatory humour that you may undertake.

Another strong message throughout the cards for December, was the importance of music in regards to receiving psychic guidance from your angels and guides. Music is an easy way for your spirit guides to get your attention, because it reaches you on a higher vibration than other means of communication. It’s important then, to take notice of the songs that you hear and when you hear them, especially if there is a repetitive pattern, or there is some form of sentimental attachment. Look into the lyrics of the songs that stand out to you, and correlate any significance that there may be. If you experience a song being played over and over in your mind, think back to recent inspiration that you may have dismissed. Did you become enthusiastic about an idea, only to drop it before exploring your options? Think of the lyrics and how they make you feel, and retrace your steps. You can often find that your solution stems from regaining confidence in old inspiration, and that your angels and guides are trying to communicate this through the usage of music.

Well, that’s December for you  Angels, and I hope your month is full of blessings and abundance. Don’t forget to call on Archangel Michael to protect you and your beloveds this holiday season, and that you imagine your homes and transport surrounding by his protective indigo light. It may not also be a bad idea to call on Archangel Raphael and the nutrition angels to help you with the delicious temptations of the season, but….it is the holiday season after all. I hope that you enjoy your time with your loved ones, and that the weather and the spirit of others is kind to you.

Until next month!
Angel blessings,
Karen xo

Karen Piscitelli is an Angel Therapy Practitioner ®, a Certified Past Life Healer, Certified Dream Interpreter, Certified Angel Card Reader ™, Tarot Reader, Astrologer and Energy Healer, who composes a monthly angel based horoscope forecast, and provides detailed articles on working with the angels and energy healing.

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November 21, 2014

Fact is stranger than fiction... Astrology Overview for the week of November 24th, 2014

Hello, I’m Astrologer Patrick Arundell, and here is your Astrology Overview for WC 24th November, 2014. 

The week begins with the Sun in Sagittarius, but squaring with Neptune, and this will continue through to Saturday. This can create a sense of unreality, so it is going to be very important to keep a sense of perspective.

Mercury in Scorpio for a final four days, also goes side by side with the strict energies of Saturn. This conjunction can create a sense of restriction, so it is going to very important to be precise around communications, and any plans that we make. This is also complemented by Mars angling in a Sextile which will add bite to any well planned situations.

However, more pleasingly, Venus forges a fantastic link with Uranus. This can be superb in terms of embracing more gregarious opportunities, and also urges us to be more spontaneous socially or romantically.

On Friday, Mercury switches to Sagittarius. Here it is in its detriment. However, I think the Square with Neptune will be more challenging in the last days of the week, when once more fact can be stranger than fiction.

On Saturday, there is a Quarter Moon in Pisces. This influences the same House locations of the 9th and 12th that have gone on all week, so in general this week, care is going to be needed to not get too swept away, and so do be wary of gossip or fanciful ideas. For more on your personal Zodiac Sign, please watch my FREE video or visit my

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